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How Smart Home Lighting Is Changing Home Interior Design

Smart Lighting from the Perspective of Interior Design Smart lighting systems have revolutionized the way we view and interact with our living spaces. From the perspective of interior design, these…... Read Article

A video wall in a lobby displaying a beautiful blue-violet image.
The Benefits & Features of Today’s Video Walls

How a Video Wall Installation Increases Customer Engagement & Employee Productivity Do you remember the last billboard you saw? How about the beautiful, moving visual designs displayed on a video…... Read Article

Beautiful lighting in an open-air room next to a pool.
Enjoy the Little Details in a Lighting Control System 

Smart Living Makes Managing Your Lights Effortless At Andrus Smart Technologies, we’ve been serving San Diego, CA, for almost 20 years, providing smart technologies that enhance our clients’ everyday lives.…... Read Article

A conference room with a video display and in-ceiling speakers.
The Solutions to Today’s Conference Room Setup Challenges

Increase Collaboration and Productivity with Smart Technology In the last few years, conference room technology has taken the spotlight. What was once considered a stopgap became a primary means of…... Read Article

A shot of a person holding a tablet showing different monitored rooms within their home for home security purposes.
The Stellar Advantages of Smart Home Integration

Discover the benefits of smart home integration and how it adds convenience, comfort, and absolute peace of mind Smart home integration is one of the shining stars of modern technological…... Read Article

An open-concept living area with in-ceiling speakers.
Bring High-Fidelity Music to Every Corner of Your Home

Transform Your Family’s Listening Experience with Whole Home Audio Do you remember when you listened to your vinyl collection in the den and streamed music through your smartphone, laptop, and…... Read Article

An outdoor TV raised from the ground with a pool in the background.
The Latest Trends in Home Entertainment Systems

Bring High-Performance Images and Sound Throughout Your Property We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful area with weather that allows outdoor activities and entertainment year-round. At Andrus Smart Technologies, we…... Read Article

Beautiful, bright, modern living room with motorized window treatments and a large window.
Upgrade Your Home with Motorized Shades

Take the hassle out of your window treatments and enhance your home’s aesthetics!  Motorized shades are the perfect solution for upgrading your San Diego, CA, home. With various materials available,…... Read Article

A home theater with plush green seating, a large projector screen, and a Sony projector.
A Home Theater from the Eyes of a Professional Designer

Getting Excited About Your Home Theater Installation Have you been thinking about the perfect home theater for some time? We know it’s a lot to consider and can be overwhelming.…... Read Article

A kitchen area with varying light fixtures and lowered shades.
Bring Beauty and the Perfect Lighting into Your Home

A Lighting Control System Manages Natural and Artificial Light Effortlessly How many times do you flip on a light switch throughout the day? Or, how often do you or other…... Read Article

A casual home theater with a Sony projector and large screen above a fire feature.
Top Trends in Custom Home Theaters & Media Rooms

Create an Entertainment Space that Delivers the Immersive Experience As the end of another year comes increasingly closer, people are starting to look at their lists of projects they hoped…... Read Article

A man sitting in a sunroom with shade partially raised, revealing a view of the pool and backyard.
Create the Perfect Environment with Automated Shades

Enjoy Elegantly Managed Daylight and Darkness The right window coverings play a significant part in a home’s aesthetics. They may make a home feel light and airy, elegant, or modern.…... Read Article

People walking by a video wall in the lobby of a building that's displaying information for a Green Energy Summit.
Increase Brand Awareness with a Video Wall Installation

These Impressive Displays Engage Clients and Inform Staff According to Market Data Forecast, in 2020, the global video wall market size reached over $17 billion. By 2024, that number is…... Read Article

Enjoy an Immersive Music and Soundtrack Experience

A Whole-Home Audio System Brings Hi-Fi Music and Audio to Every Room In essence, a whole-home audio system brings together audio equipment that is spread throughout your home, neatly housing…... Read Article

A home theater with sectionals, a projector, a large screen, and acoustic paneling.
What to Expect in Your Home Theater Installation

Design, Installation, and Programming: The Essential Elements A state-of-the-art home theater installation incorporates the latest technology to create a space that offers the best cinematic experience possible. Customized personal cinemas…... Read Article

A close up of a Control4 remote control with a blurred out TV and media cabinets in the background.
The Remarkable Features of an Integrated Smart Home

Smart Home Automation Makes Managing Your Home Effortless When people consider smart homes, they often think of smart devices. They may have friends with voice-activated lighting. Others may have a…... Read Article

Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers and a flat-screen TV in a media room. Author: Marisa Upson
Bring Your Home to Life with High-Performance Sound

High-End Audio Transforms Home Theaters and Outdoor Entertainment As home automation and AV integrators serving San Diego, CA, for 18 years, we’re fortunate to have had the opportunity to create…... Read Article

A large home theater with plush seating, a projector, and a large screen with an image of snowy mountains.
The Immersive Home Theater Experience

From 3D Sound Fields to IMAX-Enhanced Content, Today’s Home Theaters Deliver the Ultimate Cinematic Experience Exceptional home theater design can pave the way to incredibly immersive cinematic adventures. You and…... Read Article

A living room with a view of the ocean. In the room are an inset flat-screen TV and Sonance invisible speakers.
The Purity and Power of Whole-Home Audio-Video

Deliver High-Performance Sound and Images Throughout Your Home and Yard Smart homes can do some incredible things these days. Tap an in-wall keypad, and your kitchen, dining room, patio, landscape,…... Read Article

A large boardroom with a Control4 Display.
Optimize Your Meetings with the Latest Boardroom Technology

Smart Boardroom Technology Integrates Video Conferencing Solutions with Lighting, Shades, and More  Boardrooms are the spaces where a company’s most pressing issues are discussed and resolved and the areas where…... Read Article

Media room with a projector and large screen. A lit fire feature extends the length of the screen.
A Smart Home Entertainment System Defines Luxury Living

Bring High-Performance Audio and Video Throughout Your Home and Yard Smart homes are all about convenience. Dim the lights, lock the doors, lower the shades, and turn on your favorite…... Read Article

The view of a home with an open floor plan from the kitchen. Speakers are visible in the ceiling.
Experience Crystal-Clear Audio Throughout Your Home and Yard

A Whole-Home Audio System Delivers Unrivaled Sound Quality and Effortless Control Can you imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing along a shoreline or your favorite “Wake-Up” playlist…... Read Article

Modern home theater/media room with large sectional, screen and projector, pool table, and wine bar.
Bring Your Dreams to Life with a Customized Home Theater Design

Integrate the Latest Home Audio-Video Technology with a Tailored Design Thanks to the advancements in home audio-video technology and the rise of on-demand video streaming, home theaters are becoming an…... Read Article

A conference room with a large display and in-ceiling speakers.
Upgrade Your Conference Room with the Latest AV Equipment

Today’s Hybrid Workforce Requires a Space that Promotes Interactive Communications A company’s boardrooms, conference rooms, and huddle rooms represent the spaces where teams collaborate, clients grasp the big picture, and…... Read Article

Open plan living room and kitchen with Lutron motorized shades filtering the light entering the room.
Gain Energy Savings and Privacy With Motorized Shades

Combine Fashion And Functional Benefits That Keep You In Ultimate Comfort Shades bring ambiance, elegance, and style to a room. A room without window treatments appears barren and unfinished, lacking…... Read Article

Control4 in-wall keypad with
Let Your Smart Home Take Control of Your Lighting

A Smart Lighting System Offers Effortless Control and Enhanced Beauty There’s something breathtakingly beautiful when you walk into a home where the lighting is just right. Diffused sunlight filters into…... Read Article

The Benefits of Harvesting Daylight with Automated Shades

Make Your Home More Beautiful, Healthy, and Effortless to Control with the Latest Motorized Window Coverings Are you in the stages of a new build, a major remodel, or maybe…... Read Article

Close up of a Control4 tablet in someone's hands in their backyard by the pool. The tablet shows the home's security system.
A Smarter Security System Offers Unrivaled Safety and Ease

Today’s Home Security Systems Provide Immediate Video Alerts and Instant Access From Anywhere At Andrus Smart Technologies, we partner with industry leaders to create customized smart home solutions. While home…... Read Article

A Sony projector highlighting a screen in a home theater.
Bring Your Home Theater to Life with the Latest Technology 

The Latest 4K HDR Projectors Deliver the Ultimate Cinematic Experience Have you considered installing a designated home theater system in your San Diego, CA home? Many start the process by glancing through…... Read Article

Late in the evening, an outdoor lighting installation highlights the architectural features of a home.
4 Unique Perks of Integrating Home Lighting Control 

Create a lifestyle of luxury and convenience with smart lighting! Your home should be a space where your family feels comfortable, inspired, and happy. And, believe it or not, lighting control solutions…... Read Article

Bedroom with Lutron’s motorized window shades half lowered.
The Top Motorized Window Treatment Trends for 2022 

Today’s Smart Shades Bring Customized Beauty and Control Some of the window treatment design trends making headlines in 2022 result from the unexpected stay-at-home world we encountered. Suddenly, we looked…... Read Article

Four people watching basketball on Samsung’s The Terrace outdoor TV by the pool.
Create a Stunning Outdoor Entertainment Space with The Terrace by Samsung 

The Terrace TV and Soundbar Offer Exciting Options in Outdoor TVs In sunny San Diego, CA, we’re blessed with nearly limitless days to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Whether enjoying a…... Read Article

A well illuminated living room has the TV and a chimney on. Two stylish white speakers stand on each side of the TV.
Enjoy the Perfect Entertainment Experience with Whole Home Audio 

With our world-class services, create a whole new entertainment experience to enjoy with your family  Enjoying audio content is not only great to bring more joy into your everyday activities;…... Read Article

How the Right Projector Screen Creates an Immersive Cinematic Experience 

Learn About the Gold Standard in Home Theater Screens Are you considering creating the home theater you’ve been thinking about now for several years? Or, maybe, you’re considering an upgrade…... Read Article

Automated Lights Make Controlling Your Home’s Lighting Effortless

Control4’s Contemporary Lighting Elevates Your Home’s Aesthetics In 2020, the global smart lighting market reached an estimated $11.62 billion. Over the next five years, it’s forecasted to record an incredible 17.5%…... Read Article

Getting Ready for Baseball Season? Whole Home Audio-Video Is a Must! 

Baseball season is just around the corner! Enhance the experience for your family and friends with a distributed home audio-video system. The baseball season is one of the most exciting…... Read Article

Sonance Brings High-Performance Entertainment to Your Outdoor Spaces 

Outdoor Audio-Video Systems Offer Surround Sound and Crystal-Clear Images The time is fast approaching when we gather outside to spend weekends and evenings with friends and family. You may already…... Read Article

The Differences Between a Media Room and a Custom Home Theater

Learn Which Entertainment Space is Right for Your Lifestyle In the world of home entertainment, a home theater has long been considered the star and was, at one time, only…... Read Article

What Does a Home Theater Installation Entail?

Explore All the Steps We Take to Create the Ultimate Cinematic Experience  Home theaters come in all shapes and sizes, from DIY installations with soundbars to dedicated spaces that outshine…... Read Article

Let Your Smart Home Control Your Shades and Lighting

Program Your Automated Shades to Raise and Lower Throughout the Day Home automation has made managing our homes as easy as one touch on an in-wall touchscreen, keypad, and remote.…... Read Article

The Key to a Classic Media Room Design: Customization

How to Create a Media Room that Aligns with a Home’s Aesthetics Have you been considering a home theater or media room for your home in Santa Luz, CA? It can be…... Read Article

A Custom Home Theater Requires High-Fidelity Sound

Audiophiles Turn to Bowers & Wilkens for the Ultimate in Home Theater Audio What do you envision when you consider the ultimate custom home theater? For many, it’s the giant screen…... Read Article

Lutron’s Palladiom Wire-Free Motorized Shades Offer Sleek Sophistication and Control

Exposed Roller Shades—The Up-and-Coming Interior Design Element Motorized shades have long been a favorite of our clients and are often one of the first automated home technologies they’re introduced to. Imagine…... Read Article

Add Circadian Lighting to Your Home to Feel Better

This Simple Feature Transforms Your Mood and the Way Your Home Looks A circadian rhythm is the body’s natural 24-hour internal cycle, or biological clock. You may or may not…... Read Article

4 Things to Know Before Installing a Home Theater

Make Your Home Theater Installation Stress-Free With These Tips If you are considering a home theater addition to your home, keep in mind that there is a lot more to…... Read Article

High-End Audio Takes Your Listening to New Heights

Enjoy Style and Performance from Bowers & Wilkins Speakers There’s no need to carry around a cumbersome boombox with you whenever you want to take your favorite music to a…... Read Article

Transform Your Everyday Lifestyle with Smart Lighting Control

Combine Automated Lighting and Shade Control for the Ultimate in Beauty and Comfort Light doesn’t just help you see; it plays a key role in the look and feel of…... Read Article

Love Wood Blinds? Here’s Why You Should Choose Motorized

Lutron Motorized Wood Blinds Help You Maximize Natural Light with Ease When it comes to window treatments, wood blinds are a timeless favorite. Their rich, traditional style adds warmth to…... Read Article

What Conferencing Tools Do You Need to Improve Work Collaboration?

Design Your Conference Room for Success with These ClearOne AV Solutions The workplace has changed drastically over the last year. Employees today desire more work-life balance, flexible schedules, and the…... Read Article

Get to Know Lutron’s Revolutionary Ready Wallplate

A First-of-its-Kind Control Solution for Your Smart Home Integration System  Lutron and have joined forces to release a revolutionary solution in smart home control: the Ready Wallplate by Lutron! This first-of-its-kind wallplate combines tactile button control of lighting and…... Read Article

How to Build the Best Control4 Multi-Room Music System for You

Consider These Key Components When Customizing Your System We’ve got great news! Your music no longer must be confined to just one room of your home. With a multi-room music…... Read Article

Elevate the Movie Experience with a Feature-Packed Denon AV Receiver

Interior modern design room 3D rendering Here’s What You’ll Get When You Choose Denon’s Anniversary Edition AVR-A110 A lot of elements go into building an epic home theater. In our…... Read Article

Are You Ready for Motorized Window Shades? Here’s How to Tell

Look for These 5 Tell-Tale Signs The benefits list for motorized window shades is long. They’re not just another cool gadget to add to your smart home; they’re a worthwhile…... Read Article

The Speakers You Need for a Décor-Matched Home Audio-Video System

Enjoy Full-Range, High-End Sound without Marring Your Interior Design Some homeowners love to showcase their audio-video gear. Their giant TVs and tower speakers are just as much of a focal point as the audio-video content itself. However, other homeowners may find…... Read Article

How to Enhance Your Movie Nights with Control4

Easily Manage Your Lights, Home Entertainment Systems, and More from One Platform  Who enjoys fiddling with a pile of remotes when trying to set up a movie night with the family?…... Read Article

Redefine How You Power Your Home with Solar Energy Management

ecoLinx by sonnen Lets You Use and Manage Clean Energy Your Way Solar power is more affordable, accessible, and rampant today than it’s ever been—especially in the state of California.…... Read Article

4 Ways Automated Shades Add Simplicity and Savings to Your Life

Discover the Benefits You’ll Gain When You Upgrade from Manual to Motorized Window Treatments The window treatments in your home have many jobs: They keep spaces cool, protect your privacy,…... Read Article

Work with a Local Company to Install Your Home Security System

Discover why local security companies outperform national chains in La Jolla, CA A robust and reliable security system is only half of what it takes to protect your home. You…... Read Article

What Do You Need for the Full Theater Experience at Home?

Put These 4 Home Theater Components at the Top of Your List If you’re considering adding a home theater system to your San Diego, CA property, now is the best…... Read Article

4 Distributed Audio Benefits You Likely Haven’t Thought About

Get More Out of Your Multiroom Audio System with These Tips You may know Control4 as a home automation system, but did you know it thrives as an audio distribution…... Read Article

4 Reasons We Love Control4 Home Automation

Enjoy One-Tap Control of All Your Technology with an Integrated Smart Home System  Smart homes have become mainstream, adding everyday comfort and convenience to homeowners’ lifestyles. Control4, a leader in home…... Read Article

5 Stellar Video Display Ideas for Your Home Media Room

You Can’t Go Wrong with Any of These Class-Leading Options Entertainment rooms may look different from home to home, but they should all serve the same purpose: to immerse you…... Read Article

4 Tips to Help You Plan a Stellar Outdoor Audio System

Transform Your Backyard into the Ultimate Entertainment Zone Summers in Coronado and greater San Diego beckon us to the outdoors for some fun in the sun. On the days you…... Read Article

What Are the Best Speakers for Your Sound System Installation?

Our AV Experts Help You Choose the Ideal Model for Any Application   Most people want to discuss the best speaker recommendations when they first inquire about our sound system installations. The…... Read Article

How to Enhance a Unique Home Exterior with Landscape Lighting

Give Your Property the Spotlight It Deserves with Colorbeam Most homeowners know that some exterior lighting is necessary to ensure their property doesn’t fall away after dark. But exterior lighting…... Read Article

How to Live and Feel Better at Home with Tunable Lighting Control

Bring the Healing Power of Natural Light Indoors  Smart home technology offers many benefits: It makes daily routines easier, increases property safety and security, and can improve energy efficiency. Additionally, it can also help us…... Read Article

Why Your Custom Home Theater Needs Triad Speakers

Enjoy immersive and breathtaking sound in your custom home cinema  Sound is an integral part of any movie or TV show. Whether it is the dramatic swell of a carefully composed…... Read Article

5 Efficient Ways to Control the Climate within Your Home

Enjoy Comfort and Convenience While Living Greener Homeowners in La Jolla, CA and the San Diego area are fortunate to experience a temperate Mediterranean climate, with average high temperatures remaining…... Read Article

3 Worthwhile Reasons to Invest in Distributed Home Audio-Video

Whole-Home AV Transforms the Way You Relax and Entertain There’s a myriad of ways to listen to and watch content today. From spinning Blu-ray movies and vinyl records to streaming…... Read Article

4 Reasons We Love Lutron Palladiom Motorized Window Treatments

The Palladiom Shading System Offers a New Take on Style and Smarts Since they invented the quiet automated shade in 1993, Lutron has been a top name in luxury motorized…... Read Article

Why Your Home Theater System Needs a Subwoofer

Enjoy the Full Spectrum of the Soundscape of Your Favorite Movies with a Subwoofer  Home theaters have become more prevalent in the past several years. Movies have started premiering over…... Read Article

Miss Going to the Movies? Try a Home Theater System

Equipment like Dolby Atmos-Compatible Speakers Bring the Movie Experience Home Over the last year, we’ve seen many everyday things seemingly disappear overnight. One of those things is taking your family…... Read Article

Choosing the Right Home Theater Design for Your Home

Considerations When Designing a Home Theater We all like to receive gifts, but there are just some things we need to pick out for ourselves. When it comes to your…... Read Article

Upgrade Your Home Automation System with

Improve your home automation system with intuitive products from The mechanical burden of dealing with all of your home’s systems can easily be managed with a home automation system.…... Read Article

2 Important Aspects of a Conference Room Design

Make Your Conference Room Meetings More Productive and Efficient Our world is technologically evolving every day. Trying to keep up with the latest trends, including the latest innovations in business…... Read Article

Protect Your Home with a Luma Home Surveillance System

Gain peace of mind with a home surveillance system that will protect you and your family A home surveillance system should offer the perfect combination of high-quality protection and an…... Read Article

3 Fun Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio-Video System

Play and Share Your Favorite Media Anywhere and Everywhere in the Home at the Touch of a Button As we spend more time at home and less time at movie…... Read Article

Meet The Terrace, the Future of Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment Is Made Easy with Samsung’s New Weather-Resistant TV Your indoor entertainment might be impressive, but what if you want to enjoy the outdoors? Samsung has long been a…... Read Article

Achieve Whole Home Automation with Control4

Discover All the Perks of a Smart Home System When most people think of a modern-day home, they likely don’t think of it as a connected ecosystem. Instead, they may…... Read Article

Home Theater, Smart Home Automation, Audio Video
3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Home Theater System

A Successful Home Theater Installation Avoids These Common Mistakes You might think that nothing beats going to the movies, but have you thought about installing a private theater room in…... Read Article

Outdoor Automation, Patio, Smart Home Automation, Audio Video
Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio This Summer!

Episode Speakers Delivers Unprecedented Sound throughout Your Property As summer approaches, you’ll likely be spending more time outside, usually in your backyard spaces. Now is the perfect time to upgrade…... Read Article

Open Sign
Andrus Smart Technologies is Still Safely Serving Our Customers

Andrus Smart Technologies will stay open as a federally mandated essential business  As businesses close throughout the country to aid in social distancing and halting the spread of COVID-19, we…... Read Article

Hand Washing
Safety Precautions Taken by Andrus Smart Technologies in Response to COVID-19

The team at Andrus Smart Technologies is keeping an eye on all the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States and around the world, and we are…... Read Article

Couple on Couch Smart Home Automation, Audio Video
How to Set Your Tunable LEDs in Every Room

Using a Lighting Control System to Customize Each Room of Your House Do you remember when LED bulbs were first introduced? Most looked intensely bright and not at all cozy…... Read Article

Kitchen, Smart Lighting
5 Great Ways to Use Technology to Boost Your Wellbeing

Home Health Automation Enhances Your Life Through Lighting, Audio and More The way we interact with technology significantly affects our lives, whether at home or work. This is why our…... Read Article

How to Create the Perfect Zoom Room Environment

Get the Full Potential of this Collaborative Tool with a Teleconferencing System Virtual collaboration is now at the heart of almost every office environment. Expanding remote employee numbers and geographical…... Read Article

Give Homeowners a Surveillance System for Added Peace of Mind – Updated

Smart Security Features Keep Properties Safe and Protected As with most upgrades and projects, the best time to install new smart home technology is when a home is newly under…... Read Article

4 Must-Have Technology Upgrades for Your Smart Home

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Features Offering Greater Convenience, Efficiency and Comfort Like most tech-heavy industries, the smart home industry is ever-evolving. Leading manufacturers in whole home automation, networking and AV…... Read Article

How to Transform Your Home’s Lighting with Control4

Have Added Comfort, Safety and Convenience with a Custom Solution Throughout the day, you use lighting in a variety of ways from helping you wake up in the morning to…... Read Article

Make California Living Easier with Total Home Automation

The Benefits of Your Smart Technology Products & Systems Working Together The options for your total home automation are virtually endless, and your entire Point Loma, CA house is a…... Read Article

Manage Multiple Business Locations with Smart Automation Tech

Business Automation Keeps Your Company Running Efficiently Running a business is no easy feat. It requires a lot of management and lots of moving parts. And when you have more…... Read Article

Get Ready for Summer with Outdoor Smart Tech Solutions

Elevate Your Outdoor Entertainment with Durable Features Want to take your Poway, CA, backyard to the next level this summer? You can elevate your outdoor entertainment with top-notch audio video…... Read Article

Elevate Your Home Theater System with Top-Notch Technologies

Entertain with New Smart AV Solutions and Upgrades Is your home theater system in your Rancho Bernardo, CA living space in need of an upgrade? Create the ultimate viewing area…... Read Article

Top Reasons to Bring Commercial Audio Distribution to Your Office

An AV System Can Transform Your Workspace How has the overall mood and atmosphere at your Del Mar, CA office been? Have you noticed a drop in productivity and motivation…... Read Article

Incorporating Voice Control into Your Smart Home

Learn How this Smart Solution Has Evolved Did you know voice control has become more and more prominent in modern homes in recent years? With the latest wireless voice control…... Read Article

How Smart Home Automation Can Elevate Your Daily Life

Check Out the Top Benefits of These Smart Solutions  The future has arrived with smart home automation. Bringing a smart system to your Rancho Santa Fe, CA property not only adds convenience…... Read Article

The Latest in Home Theater Technologies

New Features to Bring into 2019 How you set up and design your home theater system in your Del Mar, CA living space can make all the difference for when…... Read Article

A Home Security System Keeps Your Property Safe During the Holidays

Maintain Peace of Mind with Smart Security   If you’re heading across the country for the holidays this year, or even staying at home to celebrate with nearby friends and…... Read Article

Setup Your Conference Room Space for Success

4 Smart Features That are Sure to Enhance Your Room’s Atmosphere   Your conference room’s technology and design have everything to do with how well your run business meetings and…... Read Article

3 Innovative Ways to Control Your Home’s Lights

It’s Time to Move on From the Traditional Wall Switch   You use your home’s lighting in a variety of ways. In the morning, it’s there to help you wake…... Read Article

Top-Notch Smart Technologies to Mesh with Your Décor

  Combine Style and Convenience with a Home Automation System   You might want to integrate smart technology into your Rancho Santa Fe home, but are fearful that the automated…... Read Article

Prioritize Your Home Theater’s Audio

  Set Up a Surround Sound System that Makes All the Difference   When you turn on a film or TV show to watch in your home theater, there are…... Read Article

Take Your Conference Room to the Next Level with Innovative Smart Tech

Smart Automation Brings Productivity to Your Office   There’s nothing quite as awkward or panic-inducing as a glitch messing up your entire presentation in front of a client or even…... Read Article

3 Essential Home Security Features to Protect Your Family

Bring the Ultimate Protection to Your Property   You could be running an errand for an hour or getting ready to embark on a week-long vacation – either way, leaving…... Read Article

Elevate Your Living Space with Motorized Window Treatments

Bring Elegance and Energy-Saving Features to Your Home   Adding comfort and convenience to your La Jolla, CA home is easier than you might think.  Motorized window treatments are a…... Read Article

Give Homeowners a Surveillance System for Added Peace of Mind

Smart Security Features Keep Properties Safe and Protected   As with most upgrades and projects, the best time to install new smart technology is when a home is newly under…... Read Article

3 AV Features That Will Transform Your Meetings

Meeting Room with Video Wall Transform Your Meetings to Produce Results In today’s fast-paced business environment, meetings are a crucial aspect necessary for achieving organizational success. But with the advent…... Read Article

Lighting Control Brings Style and Convenience to Your Home

Your Automated Tech Can Blend in Seamlessly with Your Interior Design When you think about making new home automation additions to your living space, there might be some red flags…... Read Article

How to Bring Entertainment and Tunes to Every Part of a Home

Entertainment to every part of your home. Give Your Homeowners Top-Notch Home Audio Video Listening to the latest hit single or finishing up a long movie shouldn’t be limited to…... Read Article

3 Home Automation Features Your Living Spaces Need

A Look at the Smart Tech That Will Transform Your Home Imagine a home that can anticipate your every move and every need, before you even have to think about…... Read Article

Choosing the Best View for Your Home Theater

What’s Best, TV or Projector? The ultimate viewing experience in your Rancho Santa Fe, California house starts with your home theater design. You want the best display with the highest…... Read Article

3 Benefits of a Smart Home Surveillance System

Protect Your Home With Security Solutions That Work Your home is where you make memories, spend time with friends and family, and relax. You deserve to feel safe and free…... Read Article

How Commercial Automation Improves Your Retail Customers’ Experience

Create A Unique and Modern Shopping Environment If you’re a small retail business in the San Diego, CA, it can be difficult to stand out. Not only are you competing…... Read Article

How to Pre-Wire New Constructions for Better Home Networks

Strong Home Networking Systems Start with Wiring If you’re a builder in the La Jolla, CA area, then you’re probably facing a lot of competition. Of course, exceptional engineering and…... Read Article

How Motorized Shades Can Help You Save Energy

Automation Reduces Your Carbon Footprint Homeowners in California are looking for ways to go green. Saving energy is not only a good choice for the environment, it’s a smart financial…... Read Article

Back to Basics: What is Home Automation?

What does It Mean to Live in a Smart Home Today? In a new series of blogs, we wanted to go back to basics. In our first installment, we are…... Read Article

Creating a Memorable Media Room

Designing a Home Audio Video Space for All Tastes Every home and every homeowner have a unique style. When it comes to synchronizing home audio video with the decor, we’ve…... Read Article

Home Automation: Saving You Money

While most homeowners figure that home automation can make their life more convenient or more safe, many homeowners don’t consider the drastic amount of money that can be saved by…... Read Article

Smart Conference Rooms: Impress With The Best

Smart conference rooms can be the make or break item when it comes to impressing the client or giving the game changing presentation. Nothing can take the buzz out of…... Read Article

Home Automation: Home Security Systems Keep Your Family Safe

Home automation has stormed onto the scene of high end homes and of luxury lifestyles – and for good reason. Interestingly, as the technologies that drive home automation systems progress,…... Read Article

Home Theater Decisions: Picking the Right Speakers

As a proud provider of Home Theater services to the San Diego region, Andrus Audio is here to help you understand the benefits of picking the proper home theater system…... Read Article

Enjoy Summer: Outdoor TV & Home Theater Audio

For many people in temperate climates like our own Southern California coastal region, the luxury of an outdoor home theater space is not out of the question! By utilizing weatherproof…... Read Article

Why Audio & Video Matters for Your Bar or Restaurant

Think about it: would your favorite sports bar have the same vibe if it had poor audio & video accommodations? Without a patio or bar space full of vivid televisions…... Read Article

Home Theater Systems: Picking the right system for you

With a multitude of home theater systems on the market, it can be difficult to decipher what system is the right system for you. Oftentimes, home theater systems can be…... Read Article

Andrus Audio: Cisco Networking Solutions for San Diego

The Andrus Audio Team has experts in home theater systems and complex television installations, but what about your corporate space? With many companies finding a serious need for modern VoIP…... Read Article

TV Installation: TV Stand or Wall Mount?

So, there’s a TV that you’ve been considering installing in your home. You could get some great surround sound speakers or some fancy smartphone home automation, but there’s a more…... Read Article

4K Televisions & 8K Televisons: An Explanation of New HD Technology

The latest round of high definition technology has hit the market. With numbers like 4K and 8K being used, it’s tough to decipher what this means to the home theater…... Read Article

Picking the Right Size Television: TV Installation Done Right

The assumption drawn by many consumers looking to purchase a TV is that “bigger is better”. Although in some cases, bigger TV screens can equate to a more cinematic viewing…... Read Article