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A home theater with plush green seating, a large projector screen, and a Sony projector.
A Home Theater from the Eyes of a Professional Designer

Getting Excited About Your Home Theater Installation Have you been thinking about the perfect home theater for some time? We know it’s a lot to consider and can be overwhelming.…... Read Article

A home theater with sectionals, a projector, a large screen, and acoustic paneling.
What to Expect in Your Home Theater Installation

Design, Installation, and Programming: The Essential Elements A state-of-the-art home theater installation incorporates the latest technology to create a space that offers the best cinematic experience possible. Customized personal cinemas…... Read Article

What Does a Home Theater Installation Entail?

Explore All the Steps We Take to Create the Ultimate Cinematic Experience  Home theaters come in all shapes and sizes, from DIY installations with soundbars to dedicated spaces that outshine…... Read Article

Elevate the Movie Experience with a Feature-Packed Denon AV Receiver

Interior modern design room 3D rendering Here’s What You’ll Get When You Choose Denon’s Anniversary Edition AVR-A110 A lot of elements go into building an epic home theater. In our…... Read Article